A.F. Jones & Dave Abramson

A.F. Jones (Dallas, TX, 1971) is a Washington-based musician and audio engineer. Favoring stringed instruments as primary devices in performance, his improvised sets tend toward stream of conscious narratives, born equally from quiet minimalism and aggressive, dark dronescapes. He runs the Marginal Frequency record label and is chief engineer at Laminal Audio. A film scorer, sound designer, and composer, Jones' music evokes imagery and motion, as in situ musique concrète.

Dave Abramson is a drummer and percussionist from New Jersey, now living in Seattle, WA. He grew up playing in the hardcore scene on the eastcoast and studied visual arts in upstate NY, where he began to play improvised and experimental music. He has recorded and/or performed with Eyvind Kang, Secret Chiefs 3, Wally Shoup, Climax Golden Twins, Lori Goldston, Greg Kelley, Boredoms, Jaap Blonk, Illusion of Safety/Dan Burke, Grails, etc. Abramson is a core member of Diminished Men, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Spider Trio, Wayne Horvitz's The Royal We, and has composed and edited music for The Maureen Whiting Dance company since 2004. He has toured throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada and can be heard on albums released by Tzadik, Sub Pop, K, Drag City, Abduction, Conspiracy, Hydrahead, Web of Mimicry, and Important records.

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