Chimerik似不像 Collective

Chimerik似不像 is an interdisciplinary collective that seeks to explore the permeable boundaries between various art forms and disciplines in order to constitute new entities. They have collaborated visually, sonically and conceptually in numerous multi-disciplinary and research projects which have exhibited internationally such as World Design Expo 2011, Digital Arts Festival of Taipei 2012, Lacking Sound Festival 2013, New Form Festival 2014, ISEA 2015, Digital Carnival 2016, Taiwan Best Design 100, Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM) 2017, Push festival 2018/2019, Vancouver's International Dance Showcase (VIDS) 2019. Chimerik似不像 has worked with influential corporations such as NIKE, Microsoft, BenQ and Google in live visuals/projection design and interactive video installations while engages various marginalized community groups for social change.

(photo credit: Duncan Cairns-Brenner/Discorder Magazine)

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