Eli Muro

Eli Muro is a Mexican Canadian Artist whose work spans music , sound and media art.

His electronic musical compositions work heavily with complex driving rhythmic patterns, accompanied by tonal nuance and experimental sound design. He often works with instrumentalists incorporating cello, violin and harp to chart new sonic territory by combining the starkly different music making processes afforded to the programming of machines and the subtlety of human touch.

Based out of Vancouver Canada, he is a founding member of Chapel Sound, an organization responsible for many community focused music events and workshops lifting poc and artists from underrepresented communities. Previously he led Jellyfish Recordings, a Vancouver based creative collective and net label focused on connecting local like minded music makers across a range of styles and influences. Through these platforms he has either directly released or helped release and promote a number of Canadian artists and compilations.

As a Dj and performer Eli has had the privilege of having his voice elevated to the stage of a number of music festivals including New Forms Festival & Bass Coast.

Outside of his practice as an audience facing artist, Eli contributed sound design to "Riot!" the production of acclaimed composer John Korsrud. Thetranslation of his abstract musical ideas from sheet music into electronic sounds was used as complimentary sound sources for the orchestral theatre production. This was then converted back into sheet music for the musicians, to create an interwoven avant-garde production. "Riot!" was recently performed at the International Society for Contemporary Music World New Music Days 2017.

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