House of Kenzo is a multidisciplinary art collective that has firmly planted their stilettos in a multitude of fields, garnering the attention of the underground club scene, avant-garde fashion explorers, international festival circuits, fine art galleries and experimental theaters. Expression, exploration, awareness and individuality are the cornerstones with which the collective was built. Blending jaw-dropping dance moves from such disciplines as modern, free style, vogue, contact improv and contemporary hip hop, the group chants mantras at the audience inviting them to join into communal and cathartic, dance exposition.

The collective is dedicated to exploring fearless expression in order to help realize awareness with movement and decriminalizing our bodies by breaking down arbitrary boundaries.  Each member brings with them a unique view, sound, look and motion to each performance. Living by the mantra, DIY or DIE, HoK has heralded a transformation in the landscape of the DIY scene in Texas, opening portals for radical expression within the confines of the state.

Every performance is informed by varied musical influences ranging from metal to ballroom to hardcore to experimental ambient and avant garde cuts swelling with distortion and melding seamlessly into the experimental noise frontiers of their home label, Halcyon Veil. Active members include Ledef (sound production), Brexxitt (choreography) and Grapefruit (concept design) 

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