Lana Del Rabies (stylized as L//D//R) is the solo dark electronic music project of artist Sam An. L//D//R's music references darker genres like noise, industrial and darkwave, without outright adhering to any single musical movement. With origins as an experimental project that re-contextualized the more sinister and somber aspects of modern pop music made by women (like that of Lana Del Rey), Lana Del Rabies’ music embodies discordant spaces between the occult and the political, personal trauma and collective outage, noise and melody, and brutality and benediction.

She has shared stages with Clipping., Drew McDowall, The Body, Thou, Planning for Burial, Boy Harsher, Black Marble, Hide, Ignota, Rabit, M.E.S.H, JPEGMAFIA, Machine Girl, Negativland, AJJ, and more. She has played in festival settings, including 2018’s HOCO Fest and has participated as an media artist at MOCA Tucson Events.

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