Matt Duane

Matt Duane, founder of agency and production house On the Sly, has built a boutique talent firm based out of Portland, OR, that is connected around the world. With artists ranging from Kampire to Dis Fig, Siete Catorce to Steve Hauschildt, On the Sly support artists who are treading new paths through music, performance, technology, and culture. The road is not easy, and often unseen. Having been involved in all aspects of event production, from planning to advancing, managing to executing, booking to mixing and even performing, Matt's workshop "Tour Life Hacks, Self Representation and the art of getting on the road" is a Critical re-up for artists who can't afford to hire an agent right away. Everything from taking advantage of airline practices and customer service etiquette, weekend warrior lifestyle tips, and more. Also some basics of how to protect yourself through the booking phase.

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